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Personalised Experiences

If our designed tours don't suit your requirements, we are happy to help design one that does suit.

We have half-day (up to 4 hours) sessions starting at 10am or 3pm.
We also have full-day sessions (up to 9 hours) beginning at 10am

Rest assured, there is no problem if you wish to change the schedule during your outing.  Just be aware that the total tour time limit remains and any pre-booked paid activities are not refundable if cancelled.

Half-day 4 hours, starting 10am or 3pm:  NZ$ 490 plus expenses such as entry fees, meals etc.

Full-day 9 hours, starting at 10am:  NZ$ 980 plus expenses such as entry fees, meals etc.


  • The list shown below is an example of activities available and the time length required.  Please note that the times shown are only a very basic indication and don't include travel time (unless indicated).

  • ​Activities such as Wellington Museum, Te Papa, Zealandia are not included in the list as they are central and can be easily completed without hiring a Bubble guide.​​

  • Lady Norwood Rose Garden - 25 minutes.

  • Mt Victoria Lookout - 15 minutes.

  • Parliament grounds - 15 minutes.

  • Rivendell (including drive) - 180 minutes.

  • The Roxy tour and beverage - 60 minutes.

  • Tomb of the Unknown Warrior - 30 minutes.

  • Wairarapa - full day.

  • Wellington south coast scenic drive - 30 minutes.

  • Weta Cave shop - 30 minutes.

  • Weta "Workshop Experience" - 90 minutes.

Entry fees, such as to Weta Workshop Experience, can be purchased separately by the group if they choose.  Please discuss with us any bookings you may make.

  • For full-day experiences, if the group prefers they can make their own lunch arrangements.  Otherwise, we can arrange a picnic lunch.

Providing small-group experiences since 2005

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